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In the June Bulletin to Old Boys, there was an announcement that H.L. Hall ('16-'27) had 
been appointed a corresponding secretary of the Old Boys' Association and that he was pro- 
ceeding shortly to "an Eastern Canadian port". He has been and returned with what he con- 
siders sufficient items of news of Old Boys to warrant an extra bulletin before the new 
school year begins . 

His first act, therefore, will be to extend on behalf of all Old Boys their warmest thanks 
to Mr. R.L. Evans who amid all his numerous duties as Housemaster found time to edit all the 
Bulletins during the past school year and to Miss Molony and Miss George for their help. 
Various letters have come in praising the value of these Bulletins and some of the recip- 
ients have written to state what a grand feeling it is to know that the Old School does not 
forget them. 

Your correspondent regrets if there are errors, and there are bound to be since promotions 
and addresses change so rapidly, and he would appreciate having these drawn to his atten- 
tion as well as receiving news of Old Boys in the various services for publication in fut- 
ure bulletins . 

We regret to report the death of R.A. Starke. He was a Major in the P. P. C.L.I, of 1st. Div. 

and went overseas in December '39. 

We regret to report the presumed death of Flt./Sgt. P.W. Davis. He was reported missing 

after operations last September. 

On June 28th., an impressive memorial service for F/0 P.G. Holt ('35-'41) was held in St. 

George's Church, Montreal. 

Capt . G.W. Hall ('16-'26) was married in Halifax on June 17th., to Miss Mary Margaret 
Howe. He is now stationed at Camp Borden and he and his wife reside at 23 Theresa St., 
Barrie, Ont . . 

Professor Gordon 0. Rothney, Ph.D., was married in July. Recent Old Boys will remember him 
as a master in the Upper and Prep schools some three or four years ago. 
The wedding of "Jerry" Wiggett ' s daughter, Patricia, took place on August 7th., 
to F/0 James C. Davidson, R.C.A.F.. The best man was P/0 Edward Holloway, an Old Boy. 
F/0 Peter W. Grier, R.C.A.F., was married to Miss Phyllis Helen Griffin on June 26th. Sub- 
Lieut. Donald Durnford ('37- '39) was one of the ushers. 

Owen Grav ('36- '41) received his diploma from the Naval Training College at Esquimalt in 
mid- July . 

Lieut. Gordon D. Powis ('36- '39) has been promoted to the rank of Captain. He has been over- 
seas since August 1940 with the Royal Canadian Artillery. 

Lieut. Harry Trenholme ('34- '39) was mentioned in reports as participating in the invas- 
ion of Sicily. He went to sea as Sub-Lieut, and on his first voyage won his promotion and a 
citation for distinguished service in taking over command of the ship when the command- 
ing officer became ill during the first stages of the U.S. invasion of North Africa at Oran, 
P/0 Jeffrey B. Lindsay ('36-'41) received his wings and was awarded a commission at Camp 
Borden in July. 

An interesting letter was received in July from "Dick" Porteous ('-'32) . He is a Major 
in the 8 Cdn . RECCE. REGT . . He mentioned seeing "Doug" Sewell ('33- '39) who is a Lieut, in 
the same regiment, and Bob Moncell and the Doheny brothers. 
Ross Patton is overseas engaged in Naval photography. 

Melville Castonguay ('34- '37) is a Capt. and stationed at three Rivers. 
Frank Winser ('36- '37) is a medical officer on one of the large aircraft carriers. 
W.M. Murray ('18-'27) is on the staff of the M.I.T., Cambridge, Mass.. 
Hugh Seton ('37- '38) is a Flying Officer overseas. 

David Seton ('36-41) is in the R.C.A.F. and has recently returned from overseas. 
An interesting letter came in early in the year from Sub-Lieut. J.A.S. Penny ('37-40) 
H.M.C.S. Kitchener, G.P.O., London, England. 

C.J. P. Ramsey ('34-41) is a Pilot-Officer in R.C.A.F.. He gave his sister away at her 
wedding in July. 

A letter was received from 2/Lieut. J.A.B. Nixon ('37-41) early in May while he was taking 
his lieutenant's course at Farnham. He gave Norman MacFarlane ' s (36-41 ) address: Lieut. N.F. 
MacFarlane, 6th. Can. Fid. Arty. Regt . , C.A.O.. and Lieut. H.E. Trenholme, Can. Fleet Mail 
Office, 10 Haymarket, London, England. 

The following items were obtained at a very fine B.C.S. get-to-gether held at the home of 
Lieut, and Mrs. C.C. Love on June 19th. in Halifax. Lieut. Love, Housemaster at Chapman's 
House, B.C.S., on leave of absence, instructs in Navigation at King's College. The follow- 
ing Old Boys were present: Lt.G.Bush ('28-'38), 2nd. Bat. Black Watch; George Gass ('35-'38) 
in his last year of medicine at Dalhousie; Alastair Wregg (' 37-41 ) and John Hodge ('35-'37) 
both taking their sub-lieut. at King's; Eric Hutchison ('35-37) who obtained his commission 
at King's some months ago; David Churchill-Smith ('39-42) who is in the O.T.C. at Dalhousie; 
and H.L. Hall still at B.C.S. . 

Dave Atkinson ('34- '39) and Dave Williamson ('39- '42) were both at Manning Pool, Lachine, in 

the Air Force. 

T.M. Barrott was in the Dieppe expedition and is a prisoner of war. 

Harrison Bennett ('35- '38) is in the 1st. Bat. Black Watch overseas. 

Rorie Black ('35- '38) is overseas and is engaged in torpedo bombing. 

Bill Hale ('36-'38) is a Lieut, in the Artillery overseas. 

M.F. Doyle ('37-41) received his wings from his Father, Squadron-Leader Doyle. 

Phil. Mowat ('34-38) is in the United States Army. He was taken prisoner at Corregidor. 

Don. Brown ('35-'38) is in the Air Force stationed at Moncton. He is married and has a son. 

Ogden Richardson ('18-'22) is a Lieut, and Quarter-Master of 2nd. Bat. Black Watch, Halifax. 

Oliver Crichton is an instructor at Marfa A.A.F. Advanced Flying School, Texas, U.S.A.. 

John Criohton is a Sergeant at Boco Raton, Florida. 

Albro Crichton (' 33-40 ) is a 2nd. Lieut., Radio Communication, and took his course at Yale. 

Robin Lindsay ('35-0-'39) is a Lieut, in 2nd. Bat. Black Watch at Halifax. 

Jim L'Abbe is in the R.C.A.F.. 

J.M. Clarke is a Sub-Lieut. R.C.N.V.R., Overseas. 

Dave Hodgson ('37-41) took his Sub-Lieut, at King's some months ago. He is overseas and in 

the T.L.C. . 

Blanchard Wiswell ('37-'39) is a Sub-Lieut, in Special Branch. 

John Wiswell ('34- '36) is in his last year medicine at Dalhousie. 

Harry Thorp ('34-'37 — '41-42) is an O.S. in the Navy at Toronto. 

Fit . /Lieut . J.C. Acer was in Halifax in mid- June . 

Lt . D Doheny was taken prisoner at Dieppe. 


The results of the Senior and Junior Matriculations are as follows: A First class is an 
average of 80% or over on the ten papers; a Second Class is an average of 70- 80%; and a 
Third Class is an average of 60-70%. A distinction mark means 80% or over in any paper. 
Alan H. Finley came third in the Senior Matriculation with 71%. 
George W. Huggett obtained his Senior Matric. with 58.3%. 

Antoine Stern obtained a First Class Junior Matric. with 6 distinctions. 
The following obtained a second class junior matric. : Rothschild, 5 distinctions; 
Hallward, 5 distinctions; Horniman, 3 distinctions; Jarrett, 4 distinctions; Pitfield, 3 
distinctions; Whitehead, 4 distinctions. 

The following obtained a third class matric. : Trevor Evans, 1 distinction; Hampson, 1 
distinction; Hurst, 1 distinction; Taylor, 2 distinctions; Wanklyn, 1 distinction. 
It is hoped that by the time the supplemental exams are written additional names will be 
added to the successful list. Several boys have only to raise their total by ten marks or 
so in order to be successful. Our best wishes to them. 

Christopher Wanklyn and Robert Hampson have both been accepted at the new Naval College out 
West. Our beet wishes for success to them. 

During holiday time. School notes are naturally scarce. Your correspondent hopes to give 
full news of School activities in the next Bulletin , appearing after the School has op- 
ened for what we all hope will be another grand and successful year. 

Older Old Boys may be interested in the following items: Walter Stevenson received severe 
head injuries the other day but is reported to be improving. He has dis-continued the 
habit of detaining young B.C.S. boys in Mark Bennett's store and going through the Con- 
firmation Service twice before buying then an ice cream cone. 

Mark Bennett still has his store in the same place but hot beans and biscuits are no longer 

Old Mr. Pennington still mends the boys' shoes and still comes up to the school during 
Break . 

C.C. Chaddock is still carrying on a successful grocery business in the same place oppos- 
ite the square. This should bring back memories of huts to many. 

Miss MacCallum has been staying in Lennoxville with Miss Molony for the best part of the 
summer. She is just as cheery and as kind as ever and speaks lovingly of all "her boys". 
The old wooden bridges near the School were replaced by modern ones over five years ago. 
The School has in its possession the "WALK OR PAY TWO DOLLARS" signs. 

A number of Old Boys will remember pleasant Sunday night suppers at Miss Gill's. She still 
enjoys a good hearty joke and keeps one in peals of laughter when she recounts her mem- 
ories as school organist. 

"Ted" and "Ben" are hard at work getting the buildings into shape for September. 
The Chalet is a recreation building and a comparatively new one, having been started in the 
Fall of '40 and completed in the Spring of '41. Considerable work was done by the boys 
themselves. It consists of one large room with a fire-place at one end, comfortable chairs, 
radio, magazines, etc.. It is reserved for the Seniors (5th. -7th. Forms) . Its site is just 
below the Power House looking out on the Rugby field. It has a wide verandah and is built on 
the style of Swiss chalets. 

From all accounts, very good numbers are expected for the coming year. 
Until the next bulletin appears, good luck and best wishes to one and all. 

H.L.H. . 

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